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Badger Class 1

Welcome to Brilliant Badgers!

Brilliant Badgers are very lucky to have lots of adults who help us to learn. In the classroom we have Mrs. Gilmartin and Mrs. Thornton as well as Miss Fuller and Miss Owens.

In Badger class we all strive hard to do our best and we are kind to each other.  We enjoy learning though our topics and our own experiences.  This helps us to make connections across the curriculum and keeps learning fun!  When we first start in Year 1 our learning environment is quite similar to our reception year.  But gradually through the year, as our concentration skills develop, our learning becomes more formal.  We continue to learn though motivating and interactive opportunities throughout the year, in a positive and nurturing environment.  We love to share our learning with family at home and have a homework book full of fun activities to support our learning each term.



Mrs Gilmartin



Mrs Thornton



Miss Fuller

(Teaching Assistant)


Miss Owens

(Teaching Assistant)

These are some of the things that the Brilliant Badgers have said about being in Badger Class.Badger Class 2

“Badger class is good”.

“Our teachers are pretty and nice to us”.

“Our teachers help us learn”.

“We love learning and seeing our new teachers”.