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Weekly Timetable

Hedgehog Class 1

In Year 3 we are called Hedgehogs. We are a chatty class and enjoy doing PE and creative lessons like art and DT. We are also working really hard on making our work neat and tidy. Last year we had the best attendance and won the shield at the end of the year. This year we have started very well and have already won Arthur the attendance bear several times.

By the end of this year we are hoping to have the best attendance again and to have learnt all about the Ancient Egyptians.




Mrs Kincaid



Mrs Fantetti

(Teaching Assistant)


Mrs Roberts

(Teaching Assistant)


Being a Hedgehog is fun. (Archie)Hedgehog Class 2

In Hedgehog Class there are lots of things around the room to help us. (Callum)

In Hedgehogs we do hard work. (Courtney)

Hedgehog Class is the best class ever. (Samuel)

If we do our work we get lots of rewards. (Belle)

The adults we work with are funny. (Harry)

The activities we do are so much fun we won’t want to leave Hedgehog Class. (Samuel)