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Welcome to Lion Class where amazing things happen!

Mr Paez, Mrs Fox and Mrs Edwards are on hand to support the Year 6 children through the challenges of their final year at St Clement – as well as preparing them for the transition into Secondary school!

We aim to guide children to being independent learners by the time they leave us in July so we expect all children to be able to complete one piece of Maths and Spelling homework without support. There are different pieces of homework going home so there should be something for everyone! In Year 6, children are expected to maintain independent reading for around 20 to 30 minutes every day. We ask that you sign their contact book when you have seen this being done!

The topics which will be covered throughout the year will include: WW2, Frozen Kingdom, Revolution, Darwin’s Delights, Hola Mexico and ID!

Mrs Edwards teaches on a Wednesday and she always looks forward to teaching Year 6 and absolutely cannot wait to start preparing for the SATs!


Mr Paez



Mrs Fox

(Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Edwards


Lions Class 2

Here are some quotes from our lovely Lions:

“I absolutely love it – that’s all I have to say about it!” – Amelia

“We have the opportunity to do fun things and then crack on.” – Libby

“It’s a whole different experience.” – Reggie

“The teachers’ are really supportive.” – Kyhan