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Lions Class 1

Hello and welcome to Year 6 Lion class!
We are at the top of the school and with that we have a lot to live up to! In particular, setting an example in terms of behaviour and work ethic for the rest of the school. After all, we ARE getting ready for that big move to Secondary school!
But first…let’s make sure we make the most of being in Year 6! What you have heard is true – we do work extremely hard in Lion class, but there is so much to look forward to: trips, great topics (WW2, The Terrible Tudors, Cultures, and Myths and Legends), sports competitions, more responsibilities and privileges, a fabulous residential and there is that small matter of the SATs!
Together with Mrs Fox and Mrs Barton, Lion Class will be very well supported to ensure that this wonderful bunch of boys and girls are ready to leave Primary Education with skills necessary to start the next chapter in their young lives.
So sit comfortably and get ready for a learning journey like no other!
I am always happy to talk to parents about their child’s progress so please do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange an appointment.
Mr Paez



Mr Paez



Mrs Fox

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Miss Holmes

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Mrs Barton

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Mrs Sidwell

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Miss Miller

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Lions Class 2

Lion Class is really good and I like that the work is tricky because it helps me learn more difficult things.


I have learnt a lot more than in other years and I think that’s really good. But it’s not easy!


Mr Paez makes sure the work is challenging and if we find the learning difficult, he always helps us!