Welcome to The Little Owls Nursery

Daily Routine

Little Owls Classroom 1

Our Nursery Prospectus

Opening times:

AM Session: 8:30am – 11:30am

PM Session: 12:30pm – 3:30pm

The aim of our Nursery is to create an environment which eases your child’s first steps into education.  We seek to form excellent relationships with you and your child to help them to grow and develop into a happy, healthy and self-assured individual.  Our main focus for the pupils is to become good citizens, developing in self-awareness and self-confidence as well as learning to play and work together.

Little Owls Classroom 2

Who we are:

Mrs Waters is the Nursery Teacher and enjoys singing, dancing and taking her little boy to the park.

Miss Stanton is blue group key worker and enjoys going out on road trips and visiting lots of different places.

Miss Vince is green group key worker, she enjoys driving and eating lots of Haribo sweets.

Miss Chamberlain is yellow group key worker and enjoys going on holidays, especially to Australia.

Miss Bowey is red group key worker and enjoys spending time with her family.


Mrs Waters (Nursery Teacher)

Miss Stanton (Nursery Supervisor)

Miss Bowey (Nursery Nurse)

Miss Chamberlain (Nursery Nurse)

Miss Vince (Nursery Nurse)