Welcome to Magpie Class

Weekly Timetable

‘This classroom is a mistake making, laughter-sharing, independence-building, brain-stretching sort of place! Everyone matters!’


magpie-1Welcome to 3 Magpie, the home of Mrs Goldup, Mrs de Lange, Miss Milot and lots of marvellous magpies. The transition from Year 2 to Year 3 is an exciting time as the children will become more independent learners and will experience lots of new fantastic topics.  

To support your child, you can practise and learn; times tables, spellings and make sure that reading is being completed at home regularly. We will of course be working very hard in class too, as well as having lots of fun!

The topics which will be covered throughout the year will include: Rainforests, Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and The Egyptians.

Mrs Goldup teaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She is really enjoying teaching Year 3 and cannot wait for our ‘That’s a Wrap – Egyptian Style’ topic in Terms 5 and 6.

Mrs de Lange teaches on a Thursday and Friday and loves her Year 3 class, who she looks forward to seeing each week.

mrs-goldupMrs Goldup


mrs-de-langeMrs de Lange


miss-milotMrs Milot

(Teaching Assistant)

mrs-mcconnellMrs McConnell

(Teaching Assistant)

Here are what some of the children in Magpies said about our class:magpie-2

“We have the best teachers.” – Maya

“We have the best teachers in the school, they let us move our pegs up all the time!” – Chloe

“I like the topics, like the tropical rainforest one.” – Jay

“I like Maths.” – Emily

“It’s really nice that we get top do harder work.” – Sam