Robin Class

Welcome to Robin Class

Weekly Timetable

Hello and big warm welcome to all the new children and parents in Robin Class.

Mrs Squillaci-Harmse is the class teacher, with Miss Scott and Mrs Collins as Teaching Assistants.

Coming to school in the Foundation Stage is all about having fun learning. We learn to do the small things well, we grow in confidence and make great progress and friendships along the way.

A typical day in Robin class is jammed packed full of practical activities, stories, songs and messy investigation as we explore the world around us.


Quotes from the Children:

“I think school is fun. I like running on the school field.” Teddy R

 “I like finding treasure in the sandpit. I like school lots” Zak

 “School is good.  I like to play with the play dough and make things.” Darci

 “I like school loads. I like my teachers and working in a group.” Lacey

 “I like the garden and playing on the climbing frame.” Micky

 “I like school and playing with the toys. I like playing with my friends.” Lilly-May


Mrs Squillaci-Harmse


Mrs Scott


Mrs Collins-Kiazim