Welcome to Squirrel Class

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Squirrel Class 1

Welcome to Squirrel Class with Miss Drayson, Miss Vaughan, Miss Hawkins and 29 very hard working Super Squirrels. Miss Drayson loves teaching Mathematics and History, Miss Vaughan loves events when the whole school comes together and Miss Hawkins enjoys anything arty (the more glitter the better).  In year 2 we cover a range of exciting and interesting topics including The Great Fire of London, The Gunpowder Plot and Florence Nightingale. Squirrel class love listening to stories. They also enjoy learning and asking lots of interesting questions to find out more information on the topic we are studying.





Miss Drayson



Miss Vaughan

(Teaching Assistant)


Miss Hawkins

(Teaching Assistant)

Squirrel Class 2

“I like writing” Tayla

“Our teachers are lovely” Maisey

“I like maths because we learn new things” Rieanne

“I enjoy going outside to play with my friends at lunchtime. I also enjoy colouring in” Chloe

“I like maths because we get to do hard work” Rielly