Welcome to Swallow Class

Weekly Timetable

‘This Classroom is a place to explore, imagine and learn beyond our expectations. We value laughter, enjoyment and fun when learning. Any excuse for a giggle.’

Welcome to Year 3 Swallow Class, where you will find Miss Wyatt and Miss Davis and lots of super Swallows. We work very hard in Swallow class but it is important that your child helps themselves to be successful. Remember to make sure that; homework is completed and handed in on time, and that your child is practising their spellings and times tables on a regular basis.

In our class we enjoy learning about our fantastic topics; ‘the Rainforest’, ‘Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age’, and ‘Egyptians’. We promote a caring and positive attitude in our classroom. We believe that an enthusiastic environment is the key to success.

Miss Wyatt (Class Teacher) really enjoys teaching the super Swallows. She enjoys teaching the splendid Swallows and watching them blossom into independent young learners.

Miss Davis (Teacher Assistant) has been having so much fun supporting Swallows in their learning. She is also a big fan of Harry Potter and enjoys hearing about all of the children’s favourite stories too.



miss-wyattMiss Wyatt


miss-davisMiss Davis

(Teaching Assistant)

Here are what some of the children in Year 3 Swallows said about our class:

swallow-2Swallow class is amazing. ~ Henry


I like Swallow class because I have two lovely teachers. ~ Lila


Miss Wyatt is the best teacher and is sporty. Miss Davis is the best and she loves reading.  ~ Ocean


I like Swallow class because we learn so much about the rainforest. ~ Jenson