Welcome to The Lodge

Hello and welcome to the Lodge. The Lodge is like a mini classroom as it is where children from across the school come to learn in a small, quiet and supportive learning environment.


Mrs BartonMrs JeffreyMrs Jacobs
Mrs Barton
(Intervention Teacher)
Mrs Jeffery
(PPA Cover Teacher)
Mrs Jacobs
(Intervention Teacher)

I mostly work with year 2 children from Squirrel Class in small groups to help them meet their personal targets and move to the next level in their learning. I love to make learning fun and exciting for all children and get great pleasure in seeing children achieve.

I also teach Robin and Lion class at St. Clement so their teachers can have time to plan and prepare exciting learning opportunities for the children. In my role, I am lucky to get to work with so many different children so every day is fun, different and very rewarding!

I regularly cover Badger, Squirrel, Hedgehog and Tiger classes while their class teachers prepare exciting activities for the following weeks. Occasionally I cover the three other classes at St. Clement site if their class teachers are not in school or at meetings. This means that I know nearly all the children by name, although I often muddle some of them up! On a Monday after school and Wednesday lunchtime I help KS2 children with their homework. I also go to All Saints site if needed. I assist Mrs. Seymour in the S.E.N. department, try to keep the library organized, listen to children read and many other tasks in school.

I teach children to read through Reading Recovery. It is usually year 1 or year 2 children and I love watching the children make very quick progress in their reading. This gives the children more confidence across all subjects and it is very rewarding for me and the child. I love my job and feel very lucky to be able to do it! I am also Literacy Co-ordinator which means I look after all the reading across the school, such as buying the books and helping to organise the book fairs.



Mrs Stevenson-Irons
(Speech and Language Assistant)

Mrs Jefferies
(Intervention Teacher)

Mrs Braby
(PPA Cover Supervisor)

Hello my name is Jill Stevenson- Irons but, the children call me Mrs Irons. It’s a whole lot easier! I share my time equally between both our sites ,as the speech and language co-ordinator. I work closely with all the teaching staff and local NHS speech and language therapy team (SALT). My job is to support children with their speech and language development. We do this with fun activities with in small groups and on an individual basis. At home I like to walk my three dogs and ride my horse. I also enjoy kayaking and riding my Triumph motor bike.

Mrs Jefferies has a new and exciting role since returning after having her baby.
She is now the intervention teacher and PPA cover.
On a Monday and Tuesday she works with year 6 in small focus groups to help excel their learning. She also does this on a smaller scale with year 2. This is a fantastic role and she loves working with the children in groups as she gets to know them and their learning styles a lot better.
On a Wednesday she has the pleasure of teaching the lovely 6 swans whilst Mrs Hayes has ppa.
On top of this she is still the pe coordinator and enjoys teaching a range of classes pe. At the moment her favourite thing is the nutcracker project. A ballet scheme of work taught to year 6. They will be competing for the chance to attend the royal opera house and Mrs jefferies is working them hard during their dance lessons.

As a cover supervisor I will probably teach your child at some time during the year. However, I’m recognised more for driving the school minibus! Although I do not look athletic, I have a real passion for sport (especially netball) and I am extrememly competitive!


Mrs King
(PPA Cover Supervisor)

Mrs Laker

My name is Mrs King and I am a Cover Supervisor. This means that I sometimes teach classes while your teacher plans your lessons or does other important jobs. I can pop up anywhere in All Saints school, from the Little Owls Nursery up to Year 6. So there is a very good chance that I will appear in your classroom! My favourite lessons are art and science because we can all have a go at finding out something new and trying it out for ourselves. I love my job as I get to know so many children and every day is different and exciting. Everybody cares about each other in Eastchurch School.

I am thrilled to be the SENCO at Eastchurch and remain passionate about supporting the children in our care to achieve every success, whatever their starting point or area of difficulty. My role involves helping children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), who struggle to access and progress in their learning by ensuring effective provision and support strategies are in place to meet the individual needs of each child. Sometimes this involves the provision of additional funding and specific resources. It may also involve 1-1 staffing and Education Health Care applications. I liaise with other professionals and external agencies on a regular basis including the Community Paediatric Team and Early Help Support Workers. I line manage our TAs and NEST Behavioural Assistants and together, we see to ensure the very best outcomes for the children of Eastchurch CEP School. who have SEN

If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s progress please do not hesitate to contact me. I work full time between both sites:

St Clement 01795 878111: Monday – Wednesday – Friday

All Saints 01795 880279: Tuesday – Thursday.


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