Welcome to Tiger Class

Weekly Timetable

‘In our classroom you are important, loved and respected. You are part of a team. You are valuable, listened to and successful!’

Welcome to year 4 Tiger Class, the home of Mrs Kincaid, Miss Vaughan and Mrs Buchan and lots of Terrific Tigers. To support your child, you can practise and learn; times tables, spellings and make sure that reading is being completed at home regularly. We will of course be working very hard in class too, as well as having lots of fun! The topics which will be covered throughout the year will include: Potions, Road Trip USA! I am warrior, Burps and bottoms and bile and Blue Abyss.



Mrs Kincaid


Miss Vaughan



Mrs Buchan

(Teaching Assistant)

Quotes from the wonderful Tigers!

“Tiger class is so fun, I wish I could stay here!” Chanae-Louise

“It’s fun, I like coming to school!” Quinn

“I like that the teachers are all nice and make learning fun.”  Callum

“I like Tiger class because we have two fabulous teachers”      Sophie Z

“Our class is amazing because it has bright displays that help with our learning.”  Riley