Welcome to Wagtail Class

Weekly Timetable

wagtail-1Welcome to year 2 Wagtail class. Our Teacher is  Mrs Green and our assistant is Mrs Webling. Mrs  Green is a huge fan of   but she also loves  Marvel Superheroes. Wagtail class know that her  favourite superhero is Captain America.     Mrs Green loves chocolate and reading a good book. She loves having fun and her favourite subject is History. 

Mrs Webling not only works in our class, but she also has children in the school. She loves to cook and loves relaxing after a long day. Mrs Webling prefers hot sunny days and enjoys having fun down the beach with my children and the two dogs we call little and large, holidays by the sea and baking, then eating the cakes. She likes nothing more than watching a movie and eating popcorn, oh and my favourite marvel super hero is Captain Marvel. 

Both Mrs Green and Mrs Webling love smiling faces, so if you see them about give them a huge smile. 

These are the topics we cover in Year 2wagtail-2

Term 1 – Weather

Term 2 – The Gun-Powder Plot

Term 3 – London

Term 4 – 7 wonders of the world

Term 5 – Amazing Animals

Term 6 – Heroes

mrs-greenMrs Green


mrs-weblingMrs Webling

(Teaching Assistant)

“I like learning in Wagtails” Eisla

“I like my teachers, they are nice” Molly

“I like that Wagtail class is close to the chickens and I can hear them” Charliejames