Friends Of Eastchurch School

Friends of Eastchurch School GlobeThe Friends of Eastchurch School is more than a usual PTA. There are parents and teachers on the committee, but the majority are truly friends, other staff members and parents whose children once came to Eastchurch, but are now quite grown up!

FOES is currently run by Donna Law (Chair), Keilly Law (Vice Chair) and Tracy Ryan (Treasurer).

The committee organises events throughout the school year, including raffles, draws, race nights, quizzes and sponsored events. Its two main fundraising events of the year are the annual May Fayre and the Christmas Fayre where Father Christmas is a popular attraction.

Where the money goes: One of the pleasant jobs undertaken by the committee is deciding how to spend the money that is raised. The committee spends its money on extras for the school, which cannot come out of the school budget. Over the years they have provided many items, televisions, a computer notebook, a video camera, carpeting, large and small playground equipment, Christmas presents, trees and Easter eggs. They have also subsidised school outings and provided all kinds of extras for the classrooms.

The committee usually meets on Monday evenings at either of the school staffrooms. Meetings are very informal and new committee members are very welcome.