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Opening Horizons- Soaring to Success

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Year 1- Nightingales

‘This classroom is a fun, laughter-sharing, brain-stretching, caring environment! We are all equals!


Welcome to Nightingales, the home of Mrs Powell, Mrs Saunders and Miss Connolly. The transition from Year R to Year 1 is a big but exciting change. The children will have to take on lots of new responsibilities to become learners that are more independent and will experience many new fantastic topics.  


The exciting topics we will be covering this year include: Superheroes, Dinosaurs, Splendid skies, Space, Memory box and Paws Claws and whiskers.


In order to help your children you can ensure they do lots of reading at home, practice their Eastchurch handwriting and spellings. We of course will do the same at school as well as lots of fun practical activities including art and music.


Mrs Powell loves cats and is really looking forward to the paws, claws and whiskers topic. Mrs Saunders is very creative and always makes our classroom look fabulous! She is looking forward to our Dinosaur topic.


“We have the best teachers.”


“We get to move our pegs up all the time.”


 When we get on excellent we get a prize.”


“I like the topics, like the tropical rainforest one.”


“I like Maths.”

Picture 1 Mrs Powell (Teacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Saunders (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 3 Miss Connolly (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 1
Picture 2