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Opening Horizons- Soaring to Success

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Year 3- Swallows

‘This classroom is a mistake making, laughter-sharing, independence-building, brain-stretching sort of place! Everyone matters!’


Welcome to 3 Swallow, the home of Mrs de Lange, Mrs Hancock and Miss Sayers and lots of super swallows. The transition from Year 2 to Year 3 is an exciting time as the children will become more independent learners and will experience lots of new fantastic topics.  


To support your child, you can practise and learn; times tables, spellings and make sure that reading is being completed at home regularly. We will of course be working very hard in class too, as well as having lots of fun!


The topics which will be covered throughout the year will include: Heroes and Villains, Tremors, Gods and Mortals, Predator, Mighty Metals, and Flow!


I love my Super Swallow Class and get really excited about seeing everything new they achieve each week.


Here are what some of the children in Year 3 Swallows said about our class:


“I like doing Magic 10 after every lunch time”. – Bethany.


“I love my teacher, I love my friends, I love my classroom, and I love the interactive board!” – Flo


“I like Mrs de Lange because she helps all of us with learning”. – Maisie


“I like computing and the lovely teachers.”- Tyler


“I like my friends and teachers”- Harry.

Picture 1 Mrs de Lange (Teacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Hancock (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 3 Mrs Sayers (Teaching Assistant)