Eastchurch CofE Primary School

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Reception- Butterfly

Meet our adults

This is Mrs Holmes, our teacher.
This is Miss Chamberlain, our Teaching Assistant.

Term 1 - 'This is me!'

We have been really busy settling brilliantly into Butterfly class. We have talked about the rules and made lots of new friends.

We have painted self portraits and created 3D plate faces. We looked at our reflections in the mirror to see the colour of our hair and our eyes.

We also drew who lives in our house with us. We have talked about our favourite games and our favourite foods.

Term 2 - Autumn

This term we have been on an autumn walk and learned some autumn songs.We created leaf printing artwork using autumn colours.

We learned about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and created firework pictures with paint, pastels and crayon. We celebrated Remembrance Day and made poppies to remember the soldiers that died in the war.

We have researched hibernation and found out about animals that hibernate for winter. We are creating  hibernation homes for the wildlife in our playground.

Autumn Art


TERM 3 - Winter Wonderland

We have been reading the book Blue Penguin. This is all about a little blue penguin and his struggle to show that he is a real penguin 

but just a little bit different. 

We created a model of Antarctica using lots of different materials and retold the story.

We received a letter from the Blue Penguin asking for our help. He asked if we could research penguins to find out if he was a real penguin.

We identified the features of a penguin and labelled a picture.

We cannot wait to find out more information about penguins!

We all talked about what we know and what we want to find out about penguins.
We made an area like the antartic for our penguins to play in.
We had a go at writing some key words about penguins.
We are getting good at this, aren't we?
We made some pictures using collage.