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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Reception - Pebble

Term 3

This term Pebble class have been reading ‘Blue Penguin’ by Petr Horacek.

Blue Penguin feels just like a penguin. But the other penguins won’t be his friend. “You’re not like us,” they say. How can he convince them that he is one of them?

Throughout the term, we have been looking at penguins and researching all information about them. We have been sent a letter from Blue Penguin asking us to find out information so that he can go to the others and show them that he is a penguin. We have written letters back explaining everything that we have found out.

We have also been exploring and role playing being the Blue Penguin and thinking all about his emotions and how we can help him.

What would we do?

How would it make us feel?

How can we help the penguin?

We have also been looking at Antarctic penguins and have created our own Antarctica using lots of different resources. We have used our imaginations to pretend that we are in the Antarctic. We then explored using our senses to describe what it was like.


During our discover time, some children role played the story and created their own versions using different animals including dinosaurs. Whilst other children created their own enclosures for the penguins and even thought about where the penguins can go if they need to shower.  Some children used the balance boards to move around and pretend to be penguins sliding on ice into the water.

We even created our own penguin ice palace and Penguin School where we have been teaching the penguins to speak and use their phonics knowledge.