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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Year 1 - Squirrel


This is Mr Crosby, our teacher.

This is Mr Crosby, our teacher. 1

This is Mrs Farley, our teaching assistant.

This is Mrs Farley, our teaching assistant. 1

This is Mrs White, another teaching assistant.

This is Mrs White, another teaching assistant. 1


In term 2, we learnt about the weather.


We read the book The wind and The sun.  We cut out characters from this and stuck them on sticks to make puppets.  We also built a stage.  In groups, we performed a puppet show explaining the story using our characters.


We were very busy making rain gauges and we measured how much rain fell every day.  We also made weather vanes and anemometers to measure wind speed.

In maths, we learnt about number bonds to 10 by going outside and writing them on the playground in chalk.

Picture 1

Term two finished with the Super Squirrels taking a visit to St Clements, where we were visited by David Beal; a first officer of a cruise liner. David told us how he travels the world for six months at a time and he showed us pictures of himself with penguins in Antarctica, on top of the Eiffel Tower and sailing through the Amazon rain forest in Brazil.

David promised to write us letters and send us pictures when he goes back on his cruise ship.


Term 2 set us up nicely for our term 3 topic; ‘Go Jetters’.

In Geography, we will be learning about the 7 continents of the world and the 5 major oceans. We will also be using a map of the world to plot David’s location when he sends us his letters.

In History, we will be investigating the Wright Brothers and the history of aviation which will involve us taking a trip to the aviation museum in Eastchurch.

In Science, we will be focusing on the push and pull forces and exploring gravity. We will be conducting numerous experiments, including the shooting marshmallow experiment, which I’m sure the children will love.

Kites and paper aeroplanes will be the main focus of our DT lessons. This will lead us nicely into our express event.

In English we will be reading the book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. We will be exploring the characters emotions, which will finish with us writing a letter to the character and coming up with an alternative ending.

And finally in Maths, we will be continuing to explore addition and subtraction as well as using place value.

Picture 1