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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Year 3 - Seagulls

Welcome to Year 3 Seagull class! Home to Mr Cook and Mrs Buchan as well as our very own flock of Super Silent Smart Seagulls. Moving from KS1 to KS2 can be a scary time but it also full of adventure and exciting new topics.  Our topics this the year will include: The Golden Ticket, Let it Shine, Our World is amazing! Sticks, Stones and Mammoths, May the force be with you and I was there!


Term 1 saw the Super Seagulls learn all about the golden ticket, with our key focus being on using the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory text to help with our learning.


In our History this term, we have looked at the industrial revolution and how the Victorians impacted the food we are able to buy today. All the children agreed that they would not have wanted to go a Victorian school and face the scary prospect of the cane!

In our Science this term, we have focused on nutrition and the importance of eating a balanced diet to keep our bodies healthy. The children performed an investigation into the effects of coke on their teeth and the results made them all want to brush regularly!


In DT, we have looked at the importance of hygiene and food safety when handling and preparing food. The children had great fun making a Victorian sponge using a Victorian recipe. They have also had the opportunity to try different breads and made their very own bread sticks!!


The Super Seagull flock have worked extremely hard and are looking forward to flying into their next topic!


The Super Seagulls’ topic is called Let it shine. This term the Seagulls will be learning all about light sources and why light is so important to our lives. In DT this term the children will have the opportunity to make their own lanterns using a variety of materials.

During Science, the children will have the chance to investigate light sources, discover how light travels and how it reacts when travelling through different objects.

The Geography, this term, will be focusing on human and physical features of the world. We will be looking closely at countries across the world, then focusing in on counties in the UK and then going even closer, to look at towns and cities!

In our English this term, we will be focusing on poetry in which the children will be learning and improving a well know Take That song! We will then be moving our focus on to the Owl who is afraid of the dark and finishing the term off nicely with The Polar Express just before Christmas!!

Making our own lanterns

We used world maps to identify countries.


This terms topic is ‘Our World is Amazing’ in which we will be learning all about green plants. We will investigate farming within our community and the wider world.

In Science, the children will grow bean seeds and identify what plants need in order to survive. We will dissect a bean seed just after it begins to germinate and then dissect a flower, so that the children can label the male and female parts. This will lead onto the life cycle of a seed.

During Literacy, our focus text for the term will be Charlotte’s Web. We will be writing news reports about Fern saving the life of a baby pig. Then in groups, the children will write an information fact file about spiders. We will be reading the text ‘Fly Eagle Fly’ by Christopher Gregorowski and creating some interesting artwork.

We will be finishing our focus on multiplication and division within maths before moving onto measurement. However, we will carry on our daily times table practice with games and personal best challenges.

In RE, we are focusing on gospels of the bible; starting with our school story ‘Fishers of Men'. Our big question this term is ‘What type of world did Jesus want?’