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Year 5 - Octopus

Term 1 - Who Dunnit?

This term, Year 5 explored the topic of crime and punishment through the ages.  They experienced a real life crime investigation at the beginning of the term; Year R’s learning area was vandalised and our terrific team of detectives had to solve it.  They looked at pen analysis, foot analysis (shoe prints) and finger printing.  They soon discovered the main culprit and the criminal mastermind.

Pupils have learnt a lot about the changes in punishments throughout the years and we enjoyed the extreme punishments that involved lost body parts!

We studied two texts 'The Highway' and 'Treason' which taught us about the history of crime and it’s relating punishments in our own country. 

At the end of the term, we enjoyed a visit from some local magistrates who showed us what their court rooms looked like and discussed the types of crimes they make judgements on.

Term 2 - Space Invaders

We have blasted off into our new topic! The children are really enjoying learning about space and we have been surprised with what they already know. Fox class had an amazing memorable afternoon with the visit from the Astronomy Roadshow, going into the Planetarium and completing lots of space activities.

We have looked at the planets, the rotation of the Earth and Moon and even looked into the evidence of Earth being spherical – we do still have some sceptical children who still believe there could be some truth to the Earth being flat!

Picture 1

We have looked at the Moon phases and created Moon phase art using chalk and shading. We will also be experimenting with marbling paints to create planet like art.

Our class book ‘COSMIC’ has captured the children and is proving to be a positive aid on their writing.

The children were fantastic in our Science experiment looking at how temperature changes in space and how materials like metal and thermal insulators keep Astronauts warm.

Mr Scott’s love and knowledge of Space has allowed the children to get a greater understanding of our Solar system and he has arranged a time to answer all their space questions as well as take them out to look at Mercury’s transition across the sun – using special glasses of course!

We have made models of the moon orbiting the Earth whilst it orbits the Sun. In the coming weeks we will be creating chalk images of the phases of the moon and exploring a number of craft techniques with a space theme.
Picture 1