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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Year 5 - Octopus

Welcome to Octopus Class. We are a fun-loving class who work very hard to be “the best class in the school”. Our teaching team is Mrs Gaze, our class teacher, Miss Bromley and Mrs Wareham – our teaching assistants.

We work together using collaboration and cooperation with our partners and teams, supporting each other with our learning. When we have understood our learning really well, we coach our friends who need support. Our motto is “No person left behind!”


This term our topic is Off with her Head! We are investigating the death of Anne Boleyn. We have been learning about the Tudors – Henry VIII and the motives behind his actions, crime and punishment in Tudor times, and have been thinking about the trial of Anne Boleyn using information from the time period. Did you know that all of the people on the jury at her trial were her enemies?


We have made miniatures, self-portraits showing the meaning of colour, designed a Tudor costume as well as studied paintings by Hans Holbein the Younger.


To help us find out more about the Tudor era, we have been reading the book “Treason” by Berlie Doherty. We have had the opportunity to write a variety of genres including a diary entry, description of Tudor London, description of characters, a non-chronological report as well as riddles and repeating poems. We have practised the poems we have written this term and got the chance to perform them to our class.


As well as all the Christmas events planned, we are going to have a Tudor Workshop at the end of term. We can’t wait!


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Term 4

This term (4), our topic is “Pharaohs”.  Although we are still midway through, we have already learned a great deal about the ancient civilisation in Egypt.  We had two full days of immersion activities.  We learned about the River Nile and discovered where places were and we used the hieroglyphic code to make cartouches with our names.  We designed a headdress that we would have worn if we were a pharaoh; we undertook a STEM challenge where we had to work in teams to design an Egyptian riverboat.  We used the internet to research and design an information poster about Tutankhamun or Nefertiti; we imagined we were archaeologists and asked question about artefacts found in Tutankhamun’s tomb.  We listened to the story of Joseph and his Dreamcoat.


Our reading book is “The Phoenix Code” by Helen Moss.  It is an adventure story set in s Egypt. We are using this book to help us develop our reading skills and are working hard learning to retrieve information, interpret the text and thinking about author intent.  We are also learning to summarise texts, make predictions and thinking about meanings of words from the context.


Our writing lessons are linked to our theme.  So far, we have written a newspaper report about Howard Carter finding the tomb of Tutankhamun.  In the future, we will be writing an explanation text informing someone how to mummify, and writing our own adventure story set in a tomb in Egypt.


As well as our topic learning, we will also be taking part in our science week, and performing an Easter production to our parents at the end of term.


Busy, busy, busy!

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