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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Year 5 - Octopus

Term 1 - Who Dunnit?

This term, Year 5 explored the topic of crime and punishment through the ages.  They experienced a real life crime investigation at the beginning of the term; Year R’s learning area was vandalised and our terrific team of detectives had to solve it.  They looked at pen analysis, foot analysis (shoe prints) and finger printing.  They soon discovered the main culprit and the criminal mastermind.

Pupils have learnt a lot about the changes in punishments throughout the years and we enjoyed the extreme punishments that involved lost body parts!

We studied two texts 'The Highway' and 'Treason' which taught us about the history of crime and it’s relating punishments in our own country. 

At the end of the term, we enjoyed a visit from some local magistrates who showed us what their court rooms looked like and discussed the types of crimes they make judgements on.

Term 2 - Space Invaders

This term’s topic saw us deep dive into outer space with our visit from the Planetarium and our studies of the solar system we live in.  Our studies have crossed the science of the things we experience on our own planet, such as day and night, and the history of our understanding and myth busting - the dark side of the moon.

We have made models of the moon orbiting the Earth whilst it orbits the Sun. We also created chalk images of the phases of the moon and explored a number of craft techniques with a space theme.

We also spent a few lessons outdoors, far exploring our natural environment and the resources we can find. One of our challenges were to create a helmet that they would wear if we were to go to space. We used resources ranging from sticks to flowers and spare plant pots. A lot of us had the great idea of using mud to glue all of our pieces together. When we were asked if we enjoyed being outdoors, we replied with a very loud and enthusiastic, “YES!”.

We have set ourselves a school wide challenge this term, of learning some basic Makaton signing. So far we have been doing brilliantly; we have mastered family words, basic classroom instructions and have begun to use the alphabet to finger spell words. Our next challenge is to look at Christmas signs ready to sing our Christmas Carols.

Term 3 - I want my mummy!

This term began with exciting adventures, digging deep into the history of Ancient Egypt. We have enjoyed our varied craft activities from making boats to float across the River Nile, to making mummies out of tinfoil or oranges and designing and making Canopic jars to hold our organs (made from clay).  Our research of the Egyptians has helped us to find out some amazing facts.


Did you know…

“The Ancient Egyptian’s would remove people’s brains before mummifying them” – DM
“They put toilets in the tombs in pyramids” - MR
“Ever single belonging Tutankhamun had and anything he had written on and his coffin was made from solid gold.” -JN


In English, we have been exploring the ideas of special and unique diaries.  Our story, The Matchbox Diary, has helped us to see that not all diaries are written. We are now developing our descriptive writing skills and our use of figurative language, so much so, we are now often found using examples of this as we talk throughout the day, especially the over exaggeration of hyperbole.