Eastchurch CofE Primary School

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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The core responsibilities involved are:

  • Ensuring accountability
  • Acting as a ‘critical friend’ to the Head Teacher
  • Monitoring and evaluating the school’s progress
  • Budgetary allocation and control
  • Planning for the long term future of the school
  • Setting the school’s aims and values
  • Appointing senior members of staff including the Head Teacher
  • Ensure the Christian ethos of the school is maintained and developed.

  • Ensure there is daily Collective Worship and weekly teaching of Religious Education.


The role of the Governors is to ensure that all the statutory duties of governance in the school are carried out.


In addition they are charged to ensure that the school carries out its School Improvement Plan. 


The Governors work with the Diocese as part of the Multi Academy Trust.


The Chair of the Governors is more than happy to answer any questions on governance and can be contacted through the school or on the following email address: COG@eastchurch.school



Our Governors are: 

Mr Aaron Janes, Chair of Governors - Director Appointed Governor

Mrs Naomi Ivory - Headteacher Governor

Mrs Kelly Lockwood - Staff Governor

Mrs Teresa Oliver - Associate Governor

Ms Vikki Street -  Parent Governor

Ms Anne Panayiotou, Vice Chair of Governors - Director Appointed Governor

Mr Mark Butler - Parent Governor

Mrs Bridget Methuen - Director Appointed Governor

Mrs Clare Evenden - Director Appointed Governor


Terms of Office - Local Governing Board

Aaron Janes - Chair of Governors

Hello and welcome. I am currently the Chair of Governors at Eastchurch being elected by the Governors to serve as their Chair at the start of the school year 2017/18 initially for one year. At the start of the 2018/19 school year the Governors elected that I serve as Chair for 4 more years.

I have two children at the School on the All Saints site. I joined the Governing body in 2015 initially as a Parent Governor. After two years I became the Diocesan Board of Education appointment as a foundation Governor. On top of the Statutory duties placed on Governors, Foundation Governors have a responsibility to ensure the Christian Character of the school is maintained. I was a Church Warden for 5 years, so I was well placed to be appointed to a Foundation role.
Prior to joining Eastchurch School’s Governing Body I was a Governor for 10 years at another School between 2002 and 2012.
I keep up to date with current legislation and best working practices of Governance by attending regular training sessions. I also sit on the executive arm of the Kent Governors Association who work with and challenge leaders of KCC in providing support and training for Governors across kent, so they in turn can effectively challenge and work with their schools.
I work for UK Power Networks joining its predecessor company London Electricity as an apprentice cable jointer in 1999. I am currently a Lead Engineer in South London looking after a team of engineers delivering new connection projects. These projects have include large developments such as the London Bridge station redevelopment and the connection of the Shard.
I am currently studying for a Masters Degree in leadership at Aston University on a part time basis. I hold a NEBOSH national certificate in Health and Safety and also an HNC in Electrical Engineering.
I enjoy working with the Headteacher and other members of the Senior Leaders in holding the school to account. It is a very rewarding job especially when you enter the school and see all the children safe, smiling and happy to learn. I truly believe that every child deserves the very best education in life and volunteer for the benefit of all of Eastchurch’s children.

Anne Panayiotou - Vice Chair of Governors

I have lived on Sheppey since 1996, and both my children attended schools on Sheppey. I am keen to still be involved in education on Sheppey so when I was asked to consider becoming a school governor, I was pleased to do so.

 I am a retired teacher, I spent over half of my career teaching in Swale schools, including eleven years in a Middle school on Sheppey. I have always enjoyed working with and supporting the children and parents as well as the staff in the schools where I have been employed. Eastchurch School has a happy, welcoming atmosphere, where the children are polite and keen to do their best.

I have just completed my first year as a governor for Eastchurch Primary School and this year, I have been invited to be Vice Chair of Governors. I am looking forward to working with the school and supporting them in all their endeavours.

Vikki Townsend

Both myself and my husband attended Eastchurch Primary School as children and our two daughters are in Year 2 and Year 5 at St Clement Site, I therefore have a vested interested in the welfare of the school, the pupils and its staff.
I am in my 4th year as a parent governor at the school which has, to date, included involvement in the recent academisation as well as many much needed other changes to help the school flourish in the coming years.  I am excited to see the school develop as these changes continue to be embedded.
I have worked in the transport industry for over 18 years and am part of the senior leadership team at my current employment giving me transferable skills in my role as a parent governor.
In my spare time I enjoy watching football, running and spending time at our local beaches.

Bridget Methuen

I have been in education for most of my adult life, both as a primary teacher and as a tutor for trainee teachers, but am now retired. I have also been a Governor at several primary schools, mainly in London. I am a child of the vicarage and also married a vicar, so am rooted within the Church of England. Most of the schools in which I have taught have been Church of England Aided, however as a Governor I have worked both with schools which have a faith foundation and with those which do not.  I have recently moved onto the Island to be with my family.


I have a real passion for trying to ensure that every child has the chance to fulfil their potential and believe that schools are a vital part of this. I am keen to support the staff at both sites in their endeavours to give all the children an engaging curriculum in a safe environment to ensure that the children can make outstanding progress. This will enable them to become confident in their own abilities, to have a feeling of self-worth and to develop a life-long love of learning.


I am also eager to support both staff, pupils and parents/carers as they foster a welcoming school community which is both caring and encourages them to be open to the opinions, values and beliefs of others.

Claire Evenden

I have worked in education supporting students with all aspects of financial planning and management for many years.  Currently I am a Senior Finance Manager at a university managing income, its various streams and Accounts Receivable.

I have two children, one of whom is currently at university in year 3, the other is grown up now but also went to university and graduated in 2016.  My oldest child was the first person in the family to go to university which I am very proud of.  When she got accepted, I decided as I worked at one, I should also study and so I have also now graduated having completed my studies as a mature student.  My child was an inspiration to me!

I wanted to become a governor so that I can contribute to the local community where I live and as I have worked in education for so long, want to help in any way I can to promote continuous education to children, young people, parents and the wider community.  Eastchurch Primary School is passionate about its pupils success and life long learning and I am passionate about young people reaching their full potential and having a great experience along the way and so I am very happy to have this opportunity at this wonderful school.

Mark Butler

 I have lived on the Island on and off for 39 years. I currently have two Daughters at the St Clements which gives me a strong interest on education within the sites. I wanted to join the board so that I could help understand and encourage positive change that would aid the school, its pupils, staff and community. I have been a part of the board for coming on two years.


I have vast experience in retail business and leadership when leading/training/mentoring/coaching sales teams, as well as heading small/medium business negotiations and boardroom sales and presentations. I am at my best when talking about commercial opportunities whilst leading change. I have modelled myself as a coach/mentor whilst upholding my own core values of delivering change and encouraging positive workplaces. I believe having a positive mindset and being solution based is the best way to inspire, listen and understand.


I am looking to use these skills to play my part as a parent governor and make the school a safe and enjoyable environment for children so that they can thrive. I also want this to be a great place to come to for not only pupils but staff too, encouraging best practices and sharing opportunity, where this school can be a great place to come to for all. 

For copies of Local Governing Body Minutes, please contact the clerk: 

Kerry French


Business & Pecuniary Interests

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