Eastchurch CofE Primary School

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Music Curriculum Intent


Here at Eastchurch Primary school, we provide a broad, balanced and robust musical experience. We ensure all children have the opportunity to sing, (whether this be in lessons or as part of our daily worship), compose and perform to both class and school and learn about key people from within the world of music from both the past and present.  Through an enriching and skill developing curriculum, children are empowered to develop a real appreciation, respect and understanding of a wide range of music, they will learn about music from different cultures and develop an understanding of the many styles of music from around the world. This forms an embedded culture of music throughout the school and children enjoy how singing and music is embedded into school life.

Our school curriculum, based upon the KAPOW scheme of work and national curriculum guidelines provides a supportive structure that enables all children to reach their full potential through clear progression of knowledge and skills. Through engaging and hands-on musical activities, involving group work and instruments, the children are able to explore and experiment with creating and composing their own music and with clear supportive guidance are able to develop a love for the subject.

We encourage a passion for music within the children and hope this will remain as a life long passion.

All children will learn about music using the following threads:

  • Singing
  • Pulse and rhythm
  • Composition
  • Musical appreciation
  • Notation
  • Listening
  • Performance
  • Significant people