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Friday 12th February 2021

Home learning- Friday 12th February 2021


EnglishWALT – write a non-fiction text

Today we are writing out our neat copy of out non-fiction text. Use your plan/draft created yesterday as a starting point and remember to share your completed texts. We look forward to seeing them.


RIC: – Please complete the attached RIC questions about “After the Storm” by Nick Butterworth.


Reading:   Log in to Collins e-books and read on of the selected book. Try and have a go at the activity section


Phonics: Please spend some time on phonics hero www.phonicshero.com. Watch Lesson 4 - oe toe and ou shoulder - YouTube where we are looking at the alternative sound for oe and ou.


MathsWALT- count in 2s

Today we are going to use all the skills you learnt about yesterday to count in two’s Spr1.7.2 - Count in 2s on Vimeo Watch the video and then do the worksheet.


Topic: WALT: develop observational skills / WALT: use observational skills 


Taking on the role of detectives, we will be developing our observational skills; looking closely at objects in photographs and in real life to support us with this. To summarise our learning, we will be going outside to complete an observational drawing. Watch this video to get started.


Express Event

Can you create your own rainy day picture. You could use felt tip pens, crayons, paint. Let your imagination run wild could you put a rainbow in the sky? What would you be wearing? What colour could you make your umbrella?