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Thursday 4th February 2021

Year 3 Home Learning – Thursday 4th February

Welcome to Thursday’s blog! Please message your teacher on Class Dojo if you need any advice, login details, or resources to help you with your home learning.


Here is an outline of the work we would like you to complete today:



Today we will practice using our phonics knowledge to spell words beginning with br-, bl-, cl- and cr-. Can you use your blending and segmenting skills to sound out each word to help you? This is set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.  You can also practice your phonics knowledge by using www.phonicshero.com. Phonics Hero has fun and interactive games that build reading and spelling skills gradually and teaches the 44 different sounds. If your login is not in your child’s contact book, please message your teacher for the login details!



Read Chapter 5 of Animal Boy. On his way home Josh is summoned to meet the Boss Cat. I wonder what will happen next? Test your understanding of the chapter by completing the quiz. This is also set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.



Use www.letterjoin.co.uk to support today’s handwriting practice. Log on to your account with the Username: wk25530 and Password: home.


Today you are going to continue to practice writing verbs (doing words) in different forms. For example, climb, climbs, climbing. In your best handwriting, write a sentence for each of the different verbs on the Letter Join resource sheet. Think carefully about capital letters (remember not to use them in a middle of a sentence if it is not a proper noun!) Log on to your account for more detail or to have fun playing letter formation games.



After all of your hard work reading the Iron Man, today we would like you to enjoy watching the Iron Man film! Make notes throughout the video focusing on the beginning, the characters, what happens in the story and how the film ends. Keep your notes safe as you will need them for tomorrow's lesson. Watch the video to explain how to take notes. Finish reading the Iron Man if you haven’t already!



Begin by working out the four challenges in the maths starter. Don’t forget to show your working out! Then move on to Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.


Today we are learning to subtract money. Watch the video to teach you different strategies on how to subtract. https://vimeo.com/498297373 You could convert pounds to pence and use column subtraction or draw tens and ones counters to help you. Remember to always start with the biggest number first!


Topic - Science

How does friction effect movement? Watch this video to find out more about friction Today we would like you to take part in an investigation. Find something around your house to roll (small ball, toy car, etc.) First roll the object on a smooth surface, how far does it roll? Then roll the object on a different surface (lay a towel on the floor, carpets, etc.) Does it roll as far? To keep your testing fair, make sure you use the same object on the different surfaces. I wonder which materials make it harder to roll and use the most friction. You can record your results by taking photographs of your investigation or recording the length of the rolls in a table.