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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Home learning – Tuesday 2nd March


Today involves looking at homophones. Your spelling words for today are: dessert/desert, stationery/stationary, complement/compliment, principle/principal and prophet/profit. What are the different meanings? Can you think of ways to remember which is which?


E.g. stationery/stationary: These words are commonly confused but there is a fun and simple trick to stop you doing the same. Whenever you mean the paper or writing supplies, think about the word paper, which ends in ‘er’. The word you want is also spelt with ‘er’.



Read chapter 2 of Pit boys. Answer the multiple choice and open-ended questions.



Today you will be finding out about Victorian Workhouses and looking for the answers to the research questions you created yesterday. Remember you can you use the Internet to explore this topic; however you might also have information books at home which you could use. You might be able to ask your parents, carers or grandparents as they might be knowledgeable about this topic.


Here are some Internet websites you could try:


There is also a document below which contains some useful information about the workhouse. Remember to upload your notes and findings to your portfolio.



Today your Maths begins to link your work on the language of ratios to the knowledge you have developed of fractions. Click here: https://vimeo.com/516637615 to access the White Rose video.  A PowerPoint version has been attached below. Complete the fluency, reasoning and problem-solving questions provided once you have looked at these – see below.



Last week we started to research and learn about the Victoria Era. Today’s lesson involves researching Victorian Slums! You can begin your research with a short YouTube video. If you would rather conduct your own research, here are two fantastic websites to get you started: Victorian homelife - BBC Bitesize or Slums and Slumming in Late-Victorian London (victorianweb.org).


The three main questions you need to answer are:

  • What were the Victorian slums?
  • How did they arise?
  • What was everyday life like for people who lived there?


To display your research, you can either create a fact sheet, poster or even imagine you are living in the slums and write about your experience. Bonus Dojos are available to those who draw a picture of the slums!