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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Thursday 21st January 2021

Thursday 21/1/21


Activity 8 – Pasta shapes

You will need: a pencil, glue, paper and pasta, sequins or rice.  Draw a large shape on some paper like in the picture.  Ask your child to glue along the line and stick the pasta along the line to make the shape.


Questions to ask:

What shape have we made? Do you know any other shapes? How many sides has our shape got? Are the sides, curved or straight? Below is a poster for reference. 


Activity 9- Phonics play


Use this website to play the hickory dickory dock game, it is free if you use the following details.  Username: Jan21 Password: home


Activity 10- Lego or construction toys

Play with your Lego or other building toys, what could you build a house, castle, car, elephant, rainbow! Anything! What shapes are you using?  Or could you build some shapes?