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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Wednesday 20th January 2021

Home learning – Wednesday 20th January


Continue yesterday’s work.

Explore words ending in the suffix ‘tial’ and ‘cial’, you could use your spelling list, from Monday, to help you. Use the table below to set out your investigations:


Root word


Why ‘-cial’ or ‘-tial’?






Based on your investigations, you could create a poster explaining why some words are spelt with ‘-cial’ and some are spelt with ‘-tial’.



Today we are having a break from the usual Guided Reading activity. Instead, we would like you to read Chapter 1 of Journey to a river sea, which is the book we will be focusing on in English.



Today we are starting our new book, Journey to the river sea. Mrs Farnes has created a PowerPoint presentation in the form of a video so you will hear her talking through the lesson – click here to watch it.



Today, you are going to be learning about equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. Click here https://vimeo.com/492474663 to access the White Rose video. A PowerPoint version has also been attached below. Complete the fluency, reasoning and problem solving – see resources below.



Gary from Team Theme has a lesson on throwing and catching today. Click on the link to watch the lesson 🎾PE from Home - Throwing & Catching 🎾 - YouTube.


PE with Joe Wicks is available today on his You tube channel.


Why not get out for a run or a walk – fresh air is so important and helps you with your learning.



We are looking at our dreams for the world! You will need to think about some of the problems that are in the world today and you will be thinking about your emotions in response to these difficult situations. See the resource below.