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Thursday 4th February 2021

Year 4  Daily Activities            Week 5     Thursday 4th February


Today’s Activities


Today begins with English activities, followed by Maths and Science in the afternoon.


We are going to continue exploring words which contain the /sh/ sound but spelt with 'ch'. If you are able, print out the roll-a-word net on 040221.year4.GPSdice and assemble it. You then need to choose a spelling word, write it on paper and roll the die. If you can complete the roll-a-word task, you win a point! Why not challenge somebody in your family to play against you? First person to reach 5 points is the winner!



Our handwriting session today will be focusing on some words from the Year 3/4 word list. Read through the words on page 1 of 040221.year4.handwriting2 PAGE 1 ONLY and check that you understand their meaning. If there are any that you are unsure of, please look for their definitions in a dictionary or by using an online dictionary. Practise writing each word, by first tracing and then copying. Please then complete the challenge, which is to write a paragraph, using as many of the words as possible. We wonder who will be able to include all of the words? Don't forget, you can also log on to Letter-join. Cursive handwriting resource for school and home. and practise particular letters or words if you wish to.


Reading Activity    

Today’s reading activity is a non fiction text about Sutton Hoo, an ancient Anglo Saxon burial ground. Sutton Hoo Reading Activity


Writing Activity

Today you will finish writing your non chronological report (fact sheet) about Iceland. You will finish writing your main information paragraphs and then the final summary. Remember to leave editing lines.  Thursday Video PPt Writing Activity



Today’s lesson is all again about counting Tenths. Watch this https://vimeo.com/502686139 which explains how to do this a bit more and then have a go at the Maths Activity Sheet below.  Complete as many questions as you can, but please don’t worry if there are ones you are not sure of.


Don’t forget your daily 5-10 minutes of times tables practice, using either Purple Mash (Monster Multiplication 2Do), Times Tables Rockstar or Top Marks Hit the Button    Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practice for 5-11 year olds (topmarks.co.uk)


Topic  (Science)

This week in science we will be planning and carrying out an investigation into how to muffle sounds so that you can recommend the best material for some noise-cancelling headphones.  After you watch this Science Muffling Sounds video you will need a selection of materials from around the house, but remember 'materials' doesn't just mean fabric, it could be bubble wrap, a jumper or blanket, different types of paper, a flannel, foil or whatever you have around the house!  A Sound Recording sheet has been provided for you to write down your ideas, results and findings.                                                                                                    


Have a great home learning Thursday.


Miss Goodchild,  Mrs Goldup,  Mrs Sands and Miss Pettitt