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Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Year 3 Home Learning – Wednesday 3rd February


Welcome to Wednesday’s blog! This week’s value is Courage. You can show courage by attempting a lesson you find tricky, tasking risks on your learning or asking someone for help. Don’t forget to send your nominations by the end of the day Thursday!


Here is an outline of the work we would like you to complete today:



Today we will practice and revise the words we learnt in Year 2. Access YR2 SPR1 WK5-Quiz to practice spelling Year 2 Common Exception Words. This is set as a 2Do on Purple Mash. Practice your phonics knowledge by using www.phonicshero.com. Phonics Hero has fun and interactive games that build reading and spelling skills gradually and teaches the 44 different sounds. If your login is not in your child’s contact book, please message your teacher for the login details!



Read Chapter 4 of Animal Boy. Josh struggles to concentrate at school especially when he hears another strange voice! Test your understanding of the chapter by completing the quiz. This is also set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.



Use www.letterjoin.co.uk to support today’s handwriting practice. Log on to your account with the Username: wk25530 and Password: home.


Today we will practice the correct orientation of the letter ‘b’. Search ‘Magic Words’ to practice joining and forming the letter correctly. Then use the writing resource below to practice words and sentences containing ‘bb’. Don’t forget to start with your pencil on the line to form an ascender!



Did you enjoy reading the Iron Man? Today we would like you to become book critics and review the whole story. You can either use the template below or write under these subheadings:

  • Title and author
  • Plot – what was the story about?
  • Characters – who were the main characters?
  • Opinion – what did you think of the story?
  • Recommendation – who would you recommend the book to? Why?

Watch the video to explain the learning in more detail. Use this link to finish reading The Iron Man if you haven’t already!



Begin by working out the four challenges in the maths starter. Don’t forget to show your working out! Then move on to Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.


Today we are learning to add different amounts of money together. Can you use your knowledge of column addition to help you? You may even want to draw the coins to help you count the different values. Remember to start with the pound coins first and then add the pence. Use this video to help you:  https://vimeo.com/498286318



This week we want to celebrate your successes that you have achieved at home. It has been really tricky to adapt to this new way of learning, but you should all feel so proud of what you have accomplished so far. We would like you to create an Achievement Tree (take a look at the example in the resources below). On A4 paper draw an image of a tree with branches. On each branch write something that you have achieved during your home learning over the last five weeks. Maybe you have improved your handwriting or attempted a lesson that you found tricky to begin with. We cannot wait to read your successes!



We are continuing to complete Winter Virtual Sports Week! Take part in 7 events that all run for 30 seconds. How many times can you complete the event within the time limit? We recommend practicing these events as much as possible before submitting your final score. Record your results on the scoring sheet and then upload it to your portfolio so we can count the scores by the end of the week! Watch the video to look at examples of how each exercise can be completed.