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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Monday 25th January 2021

Here are your activities for today – Monday 25th January 2021.


Phonics:  Logon to Phonics hero https://phonicshero.com/ and complete the next activity. Watch this video to recap the sh sound. Login to Purple Mash complete the activity  ch and sh. Today we will review the sound s spelling of sh.  There are some words where the sh sound is spelt with s such as sure and sugar. Practise the spelling of these two words. Can you write them in a sentence? For example – Do you want sugar in your tea?


Handwriting:  Login to Letter-join www.letterjoin.co.uk and practice writing the letters i, l, t, u, j and y. Click on the individual letters to watch the animation and then click the button ‘try’.  Practice writing these letter either on paper or using the PDF guide attached.


Extra Challenge: Make a list using long ladder letters.


GPS: Our spelling words this week are –  when, children, sugar, sure, outdoors. Watch this video and learn about syllables: Let's Learn About Syllables | Jack Hartmann - YouTubeRead our spelling words. How many syllables has each word got?


Guided Reading: Logon to Purple Mash and read Chapter one of ‘Poppa Joe and the Red Racer’ Complete the  joining words activity set as a 2do.


English: Today we will be retelling the story.  Please see the attached video for your work.   

You can listen to the story here:


Maths: Today we will be dividing by 2.  Watch this video which will take you though some examples and then complete the worksheet. You can write out your answers you do not need to print out your sheet.  Remember to attempt the Flashback questions first. Watch this video: Spr2.4.1 - Divide by 2 on Vimeo


PE: Please complete the fourth KS1 Lesson Fitness from Team Theme.  You can find this here:


RE: Our Big Question for Term 3 is - What is the good news that Jesus brings? Our learning question for this week is – Why might Christians pray? Please see the attached document for the activity.