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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Tuesday 19th January 2021

Home Learning 19th January 2021


Session 1 - Phonics

We are going to continue learning Phase 3 sounds which are all digraphs, two letters making one sound or a trigraph, three letters making one sound. Click the link for Letters and Sounds video for segmenting and blending to read words with the digraph th.


Session 2 – English

Find a photo of your family, can you tell me about your family? Who is who? Do you have any pets? What are their names? Draw a picture of your family. Can you label each member of your family?


Session 3 -  Maths - Comparing numbers to 5

Watch the video of Mrs Leigh looking at numbers and pictures of objects. Can you count a number of objects carefully? Can you say which group has fewer and which group has more? Can you order the groups?



Print out or write the numbers 1 – 5, print out of find groups of objects and put the correct number card next to it. Can you say which group has more? Which group has less/fewer?



Can you order your objects?


Session 4- Topic - Tell me something Happy

Read or listen to the story ‘Tell me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep’ by Joyce Dunbar.

'Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep' by Joyce Dunbar & Debbie Gliori ❤ Read by Karen Salte - YouTube


After reading, talk to your adult about bedtime and going to sleep. You might tell them why you sometimes find it difficult to go to sleep. Can you think of something happy to say or think about how to help yourself or a friend get to sleep.



Draw a picture of your happy thing and write a sentence about it.


Session 5 Letter Formation


A new family of letters this week. Watch the video for the formation of the letter ‘u’. Watch the video and practice. Remember to add the smiley face to your best formation.


Extra Fun

Making patterns in flour. Watch the video of Mrs Leigh creating patterns in flour. Now you have a go. Can you make the same patterns?


Story time

Today’s story is Kitchen Disco, read by Mrs Leigh