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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Thursday 25th February 2021

Thursday 25th February  - Home Learning


Session 1 - Phonics

Today Mrs Holmes recaps the trigraph igh and digraph oa. Help her to segment and blend to read and record words including these. Don’t forget to add the sound buttons.


Session 2 – English

Watch the video of Mrs Holmes recapping all the foods Lola doesn’t like. She doesn’t like peas, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, spaghetti, eggs, sausages, cauliflower, cabbage, baked beans, bananas, oranges, apples, rice, cheese and fish fingers. Are there any foods in this list you do  not like? Why don’t you like them?


Choose 2 foods you don’t like and explain why you don’t like them. I don’t like………………. because……….


Session 3 -  Maths - Composition of 9 and 10

Watch the video of Mrs Leigh finding different ways to make 9 and 10.


Can you find 9 objects and put them into 2 groups. Explore different ways to make 9 and 10


Write a number sentence to show the different ways you have made 9 and 10


Session 4 - RE

Our new topic this term is Salvation – Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?

Learning Question: Who is Jesus?

Watch the video clip of Mrs Holmes discussing the stories we learned from the Bible last term. Jesus Chooses His Disciples, The Lost Sheep, The Wedding at Cana. What do we know about Jesus? What can we remember?


What sort of person was Jesus? Was he kind? A good friend? Did he share? Did he forgive? Did he help people? Did make people better? The Bible tells us that Jesus means’ He saves’. Where have we heard the word save before? The goalkeeper saves the goal and stops the other team form winning. The people needed saving from the boat in the bad weather. The life boat saves them.


Christians believe that Jesus came to the world to save those who are lost, in danger or who made wrong choices. This is because God loves everyone and that is why his name means ‘He saves’.


Activity: Draw a picture of Jesus and record that his names means ‘He saves’. Write a sentence to explain how Jesus saves people.


Session 5 - Letter Formation 


Please log on to letter-join at www.letter-join.co.uk





Click on your child’s class, either Butterfly or Pebble. Click the blue easy words and practise ‘lad’, ‘add’, ‘toad’ and ‘data’. Use this to watch and practise the correct cursive formations.


Extra Fun - Join in with today’s Dough Disco

Click on the link 'I like to' playdough action song - YouTube


Story time

Today’s story is read by Mrs Fox. How many stories will you share this week? We would love to see a list or a photo of the books you have enjoyed.