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Friday 26th February 2021

Friday 26/02/21


Activity 11- Alternative version

Listen to Mrs Oakenfull reading an alternative version called Jim and the Beanstalk. What are the main differences between this and Jack and the Beanstalk? What is the giant like in Jim and the Beanstalk? Do you think you would be friends with this giant? Do you think you can make this giant card to let him know that he has a friend?


Activity 12- Fine motor control

Fine motor control Cutting skills!! Can you cut along the lines on the Jack and the Beanstalk pictures. Colouring skills! Can you hold the pens/pencils/crayons correctly for control when colouring in the pictures?


Activity 13 - Measuring

Measuring activity! Can you put the beanstalk in order of size and then use objects (cubes, lego blocks, sharpeners - whatever you have at home) to measure the beanstalks. Which ones had the highest number of objects meaning that it was the longest? Which had the least number? Then, play Numerical Order Level 1 on Busythings: Nursery; Maths; Counting and Numerical order: objects