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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Friday 26th February 2021

Here are your activities for today – Friday 26th February 2021.


Phonics:  Logon to Phonics hero https://phonicshero.com/ and complete the next activity.

High Frequency Words.  Watch this.


Handwriting: Log on to Letter-Join.  Click on resources - dictation and Select Letter-Joins Harder Dictation Exercises: List of short phrases and follow the on-screen instructions.  


GPS:  Can you remember the mnemonic from yesterday? Chant it and then write the word. Our spelling words this week are- asked, can’t, reaches, fixes, splashes.  Quickwrite each on for 30 seconds. Did you spell them all correctly?


Guided Reading: Logon to Purple Mash and read Chapter five of ‘The secret of Sandcastle’ Complete the quiz set as a 2do.


English: WALT write poetry. Watch the video for your lesson.


Maths: Today we are learning to draw 2D shapes. Watch this video and then complete the worksheets. Remember to attempt the Flashback questions first. Watch this video: https://vimeo.com/506146175


Topic: Science:  WALT Identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including microhabitats.

Look the PDF coastal habitats.   Tick off the ones you have seen before.  Choose a habit from the sheet, research it and find put some interesting facts to write down. This website will help you: Tide Pools Facts For Kids | Tidal Pool Animals | DK Find Out


Topic: Science: WALT Compare and group things that are living, dead or have never been alive.

Look at the PDF. Create a table with the following headings.  Dead, Alive and Never been alive. Sort the images onto the PDF into the correct box on your table.