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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Thursday 28th January 2021

Thursday 28th February 2021


Activity 9- Phonics fun 2

Watch Mrs Oakenfull’s Phonics lesson on Rhythm and rhyme. Can you complete Mrs Fox’s challenges which are as follows:


6. Sing the hello song with your grown up and Mrs Oakenfull

7. Listen to the rhyming story, talk about what you can hear afterwards. Can you remember any parts from the story?

8. Can you copy Mrs Oakenfull’s pattern with body sounds

9. Sing the goodbye song with your grown up and Mrs Oakenfull


Watch this rhyming song 



1. Maybe you can sing one nursery rhyme every night before you go to bed?

2. Or make a video for us to see of you singing your favourite rhyme? 3. Use the CBeebies nursery rhyme library to learn some new rhymes.


Activity 10 - Tracing Skills

Revisit and practise your tracing skills by using the Three Little Pigs tracing sheets. Can you follow the lines better than the last time you practised tracing? How are you holding your pencil? Are you comfortable? Is it getting easier? Can you make the patterns in sand, flour, rice or paint?