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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Here are your activities for today – Tuesday 12th January 2021.

Phonics:  Logon to Phonics hero https://phonicshero.com/ and complete the next activity. Watch this video and recap the alternative oe spelling of oa  Lesson 143 - Year 1 (Summer Term) - YouTubeRead these words: toe, Joe, doe, woe.  Can you wite a sentence using any of these words?


Guided Reading: Logon to Purple Mash and read Chapter two of ‘Watch Out! River Running Wild’ Complete the 2do. You can listen to an audio recording of the chapter here:


GPS: Contractions are two words joined together.  You can use apostrophes to show that you have omitted (left out) some letters when you are joining words together. For example, you can join the words ‘you’ and ‘are’ together. You + are = you're. The apostrophe takes the place of the removed letters. In this example, the letter a.


Make some Contractions dominoes. Use the attached PowerPoint to help.  


English: Today you will be composing your sentences orally before writing them down. Please see the attached PDF for your work.  You can listen to the story here:


Maths: Today we will be making doubles. Watch this video which will take you though some examples and then complete the worksheet. You can write out your answers you do not need to print out your sheet.  Remember to attempt the Flashback questions first. Watch this video: Spr2.2.2 - Make doubles on Vimeo


Topic: Design and technology Lesson 1:  Make a balloon-powered car to race against your friends. Use recycled household materials, such as drinks cartons or bottles, to form the chassis, drinking straws for the axles and bobbins for the wheels. Attach a balloon by pushing it through a hole in the chassis. Inflate just before the race. As the balloon deflates the air provides the power to propel it along.

Here are some useful links:


Build | 2-Wheel Balloon Car . DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL | PBS KIDS

Build | 4-Wheel Balloon Car . DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL | PBS KIDS

Balloon Powered Car - Sick Science! #089 - YouTube


Follow the instructions on the PDF.  Upload a picture of your finished car to Class Dojo.


Topic: Design and technology Lesson 2: Evaluate your cars and improve them to make them go faster for further races. Write out the answers to the questions on the PDF evaluation sheet.