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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Session 1 – Phonics

We are going to continue learning Phase 3 sounds which are all digraphs, two letters making one sound or a trigraph, three letters making one sound. Click the link for Letters and Sounds video for reading words with the digraph ch.


Session 2 – English

What do we already know about owls? Can you tell your grown up something you already know about owls.  What would you like to know about owls? Can you think of 3 things you would like to know about owls. Now try to record your questions. Remember the question mark.


Watch the video of Mrs Holmes writing her questions. Grown-ups- DO NOT find the answers, this is tomorrow's lesson.


Session 3 -  Maths - Triangles (Number 3)

Watch the video of Mrs Leigh finding out about Triangles

Triangles have 3 straight sides.

Can you count the side of a triangle?

Can you draw a triangle?

Can you find things around your home or out on a walk that are a triangle?

Can you see a triangle in objects?



Make a picture of triangles.


Session 4- Topic - How to catch a star

How to Catch a Star - Oliver Jeffers - YouTube

Listen to the story of How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers or read the book if you have a copy at home. Have a look at the picture cards. How does the boy use these objects to try to get his star? Would you like to catch a star?



Tell your adult how you would catch a star. Draw a picture and label the things you would use to help you.


Session 5 - Letter Formation

Today Miss Chamberlain shows you how to form the letter ‘a’ correctly. Watch the video and practice. Remember to add the smiley face to your best formation.


Extra Fun - Bedtime challenge

Set up a range of bedtime challenges to try. Can you put on a pair of button-up pyjamas? Get into a onesie? Put slippers on the right feet? Can you clean your face properly or brush your teeth?


Story time

Today’s story is Miss Moppet from The Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, read by Mrs Everton. How many stories will you share this week? We would love to see a list or a photo of the books you have enjoyed.