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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Monday 1st February 2021

Year 3 Home Learning – Monday 1st February

We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!


Just a reminder that Miss Blackmore and Mr Cook will be available to communicate with you live on Class Dojo between 10-10.30am and 14.00-14.30pm. We will be able to help you with your learning and answer any questions about the work set.


Here is an outline of the work we would like you to complete today.



Practice spelling polysyllabic words on Purple Mash. Polysyllabic means words that contain more than one syllable (I wonder how many syllables you have in your name?) Use your segmenting and blending skills to complete the 2Do. Practice your phonics knowledge by using www.phonicshero.com. Phonics Hero has fun and interactive games that build reading and spelling skills gradually and teaches the 44 different sounds. If your login is not in your child’s contact book, please message your teacher for the login details!



Read Chapter 1 and 2 of Animal Boy. Josh has an accident on his bike. Lying in his bed he can hear strange voices. When he looks there is no one there. Who is making all the noise? Complete the Quiz for both chapters. This is also set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.



We hope you enjoyed reading the Iron Man! What was your favourite chapter? Watch today’s video to take you through today’s English lesson. You will be using your story mapping skills to retell your favourite part of the story. Remember to draw each event in detail and join your pictures together with arrows. Use the example on the video to help you! You can find each of the chapters being read aloud on YouTube or use this link to access the whole story.



Begin by working out the four challenges in the maths starter. Don’t forget to show your working out! Then move on to Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving. Today we are continuing our learning on money. Can you remember how many pennies are in a pound? Today you will be counting a mixture of pennies and pounds. Watch the video to take you through the learning. https://vimeo.com/497345587



Welcome to Winter Virtual Sports Week! Take part in 7 events that all run for 30 seconds. How many times can you complete the event within the time limit? We recommend practicing these events as much as possible before submitting your final score. Record your results on the scoring sheet and then upload it to your portfolio so we can count the scores by the end of the week! Watch the video to look at examples of how each exercise can be completed. 



This term we will focus on the Incarnation section of the Big Frieze. We will be answering the Big Question: What is the Trinity?


I wonder if you can answer this week’s learning question: Why do Christians get baptised? Think back to your learning on Baptism over the term. What do you know already? What are the symbols of Baptism? Today you will be comparing the similarities and differences between the Baptism of babies and a Believers Baptism (adults). Use the resource sheet below to take you through the learning.