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Friday 5th March 2021

Home learning Friday 5th March 2021


English: WALT – research and write facts.

Today we are thinking about what happens to these people as they return from space. How do we know all about them and how do they become famous? We would like you to find out more about the key people in the video and write some key facts about them including why they are famous.


Handwriting – Complete the worksheet on adding the Capital Letters.


RIC: – Please complete the attached RIC questions


Reading:   Log in to Collins e-books and read on of the selected book. Try and have a go at the activity section.


Phonics: Please spend some time on phonics hero www.phonicshero.com. Watch Lesson 17 - se cheese - YouTube where we are looking at ‘se’.


Maths:  WALT- add lengths and heights.

Today we are going to use our skills of addition to add lengths together. Watch todays video  Spr1.9.3 - Adding lengths on Vimeo  and then complete the worksheets. Remember to think carefully about the value of the number.


Topic: This afternoon we are going to continue to explore materials. What are objects made from? (thenational.academy)


We have another lesson from the Oak Academy. Today we are going to look at what objects are made from. Think carefully about the vocabulary they use to describe materials it will be useful for next week.


Story Time...