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Thursday 28th January 2021

Home learning – Thursday 28th January



Revision Quiz – synonyms and antonyms. Synonyms are words with the same meaning (we use a thesaurus to help us find these) and antonyms are words that mean the opposite.



Read chapter 5 and chapter 6 of Journey to the river sea. You will find comprehension questions on the English video PowerPoint for each chapter. Answer these questions as you work your way through the chapters.



First, you will need to read chapter 5 and 6 and answer the questions. Then you will be creating a timeline of Maia’s day. You will need to think about what we have found out about Maia’s life with the Carters. Make a list of how her time is spent. Use the video PowerPoint, which will guide you through the lesson.



Today, you are going to be learning how to find a rule (two-steps). Click here https://vimeo.com/499980302 to access the White Rose video. A PowerPoint version has also been attached below. Complete the fluency, reasoning and problem solving – see resources below.



Use digital conservation maps, websites and books to identify and list animal species that are at risk of extinction. Choose three animals from the list, including one each from the UK, a European region and North or South America. Find out what factors are endangering these species, such as human activity, habitat or climate change. Create a poster to inform others about the factors that are endangering the three species. Write captions that explain the importance of the species to the world as a whole.


There is an information sheet below about some animal species that are at risk of extinction. Use the websites listed below, as well as any others that you find, to explore more animals before choosing your final three for your poster.


We are WWF | WWF - The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) website has a species directory that lists the conservation status of each animal. Even before humans were a factor, endangerment and extinction were caused by natural factors, including overspecialisation, competition, sudden climatic change and catastrophic events like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.


Endangered Animal Facts For Kids | DK Find Out – An interactive website