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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Tuesday 9th February 2021

Home learning Tuesday 9th February 2021


Collective Worship –

Temptation means to be encouraged to do something that seems attractive or nice whilst knowing it is probably wrong or unwise. Today we are looking at a story from the Bible where Jesus was tempted by the Devil.


English – WALT: Take notes

Today we are adding to our notes from yesterday. You will hear a reading form a fact page and a video. We would like you to highlight the key facts on the sheet and write down notes on other new information you find. Please share with us the notes you have made from today’s lesson.  Here is the link to the video to watch for more notes.


RIC: – Please complete the attached RIC questions


Reading:   Log in to Collins e-books and read on of the selected book. Try and have a go at the activity section.


Phonics: Please spend some time on phonics hero www.phonicshero.com. Watch Lesson 1- y silly - YouTube where we look at the alternate sound the ‘y’ makes.


Maths – Today we are going to compare numbers within 50.         Spr1.6.4 - Compare numbers within 50 on Vimeo then do the worksheet to reinforce your understanding.


Curly’s Farm

This week we would like you to be creative and use the skills you learnt last week in art and create an abstract picture of your favourite animal. Remember to think about the different type of likes you can use and the colours to create a mood.  Upload your picture to Dojo.


Topic    WALT- create an aerial view.

Imagine you are floating on a cloud looking at your favourite place, what would it look like from your cloud? What would the trees look like? Are there roads or paths near your favourite place? Watch the powerpoint as we explain what it all looks like. Can you draw an aerial map of somewhere special to you?  Colour it in and label it if you would like. Upload it on to Dojo and let us see your view from the clouds.