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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Wednesday 27th January 2021

Here are your activities for today – Wednesday 27th January 2021.


Phonics:  Logon to Phonics hero https://phonicshero.com/ and complete the next activity. Today we will be reviewing Phase 5 sounds you already know – Watch this lesson Lesson 5 - Phonics Screening Check Revision - YouTubeCan you match the sentence with the image? – See PDF.


GPS: Sound spelt ey. Look at the attached PDF for your work. Our spelling words this week are –  when, children, sugar, sure, outdoors.


Guided Reading: Logon to Purple Mash and read Chapter three of ‘Poppa Joe and the Red Racer’ Complete the joining words activity set as a 2do.


Handwriting: Login to Letter-join www.letterjoin.co.uk and practice writing the letters i, l, t, u, j and y. Click on the induvial letters to watch the animation and then click the button ‘try’

Practice writing some high frequency words. See PDF.


English: Today we will be creating a storyboard.   Please see the attached video for your work.   

You can listen to the story here.


Maths: Today we will be focusing on dividing by 5.  Watch this video which will take you though some examples and then complete the worksheet. You can write out your answers you do not need to print out your sheet.  Remember to attempt the Flashback questions first. Watch this video: https://vimeo.com/498262138


PE: Join in with cosmic yoga.


Topic: PHSE – Challenge setting a problem solving.

We are going to create a ‘Garden of Dreams and Goals’ for the end of this Puzzle.  Your challenge is to make some imaginary birds or creatures for ‘Our Garden of Dreams and Goals’. You will need to decide on what materials to use so you can choose how to construct your dream bird.  Think about the colours and shapes you might use. This is a garden of dreams and goals so use your imagination. It is a happy, safe garden with nothing scary in it. You will have two lessons to create this. Use this lesson to design your bird.