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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Session 1 – Phonics

We are going to continue learning Phase 3 sounds which are all digraphs, two letters making one sound or a trigraph, three letters making one sound. Click the link for Letters and Sounds video for reading words with the digraph ch.



Session 2 – English

Yesterday we found out about different species of owls. There are lots. Barn owl, snowy owl, tawny owl, screech owl, great horned owl, spotted owl, great grey owl. Let’s label the features of an owl. Watch the video clip and help Mrs Holmes label the different features of an owl. Remember to listen for the sounds you can hear. Use the phonics charts to help form the letters.


Session 3 -  Maths - Circles (number 1)

Watch the video of Mrs Leigh finding out about circles. Circles have 1 curved side. Can you draw a circle? Can you find things around your home or out on a walk that are a circle?



Draw around some of the circle objects you find to make a picture?


Session 4- Topic - People who help us

There are lots of people who do jobs that help us. Can you think of some people who help you? Have a look at the PowerPoint of people who help us. How many of these people work through the night?



Try one of the activities on the last slide.


Session 5 - Letter Formation

Today Miss Chamberlain shows you how to form the letter c correctly. Watch the video and practice. Remember to add the smiley face to your best formation.


Story time 

Today’s story is Keith The Cat With The Magic Hat by Sue Hendra and read by Mrs Holmes. How many stories will you share this week? We would love to see a list or a photo of the books you have enjoyed.