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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Monday 25th January 2021

Year 3 Home Learning – Monday 25th January


We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!


Just a reminder that Miss Blackmore and Mr Cook will be available to communicate with you live on Class Dojo between 10-10.30am and 14.00-14.30pm. We will be able to help you with your learning and answer any questions about the work set.


Here is an outline of the work we would like you to complete today:



Practice spelling words that contain the phonemes -ch, -sh, -th and -qu. Can you segment and blend each word to help you find the answer? This is set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.



Read Chapter 1 and 2 of Alien Hotel. Sally Mitton and three other children have won a trip to an alien hotel! But someone isn't very pleased to see them. Complete the Quiz for both chapters. This is also set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.



Listen to the video to find out about today’s learning. Begin by listening to or reading Chapter 4: The Space Being and the Iron Man. An alien has landed on Earth! Think about the arrival of this creature and imagine the world’s reaction to it. How might the leaders of the world be feeling? What could be done? Today we would like you to write a list of questions that you would like to ask the Space-Being! Remember to use the 5Ws, capital letters and question marks.


Iron Man book – Chapter 4


Iron Man Audio



Begin by working out the four challenges in the maths starter. Don’t forget to show your working out! Then move on to Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.


Today we are continuing our learning on division. We know that division means sharing into equal groups. However sometimes, when you do a division, there will be a number left over. This is called the remainder (r). For example, 17 ÷ 4 = 4 r 1 – this means 17 can be shared equally between 4 groups (with 4 in each group) but there is one left over! For more information and to take you through the learning watch this video.



Relax your minds and bodies by joining Jamie in a Cosmic Yoga session. Click here to go on a yoga adventure with Pokémon!



This term we will focus on the Incarnation section of the Big Frieze. We will be answering the Big Question: What is the Trinity?


I wonder if you can answer this week’s learning question: What words describe God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit? Think carefully about words that describe each part of the Trinity. Today we would like you to write a Kenning Poem. Can you remember our learning in school? A Kenning Poem takes a noun and a verb to describe something. Watch this video to find out more information about Kenning Poems.