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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Tuesday 5th January 2021

Home learning – Tuesday 5th January 2021


SPAG - Spellings – practise your 10 words for this week, there are lots of ways you can do this. Play a game of Phoneme Pairs, using your phoneme ideas from yesterday can you pair up the words in the list below. You could write the words on paper and make your own cards to play snap/pairs/a fun alternative of your own creation.























Reading - Read Chapter 2 of The Haunting of Rose cottage and the answer the multiple choice questions. Have a go at the ‘Challenge questions’ – see resources below.


English‘Doors – the world of possibility’ I opened the magical door and saw …


This is an idea inspired by Kit Wright’s poem ‘The Magic Box’. In the poem, Kit imagines what may be contained inside a magical box. We can use this idea to connect to what could be behind the magical door.


★ Before you begin, brainstorm a list of ideas for what might be behind the door. Let your imagination run wild as there is no wrong answer. Once you have your list, have a go at writing a poem, using the repeating opener: I opened the magical door and saw …


Resources to support this lesson can be found below.


Maths - Today, you are going to be looking at numbers to three decimal places. Click here https://vimeo.com/487196408 to access the White Rose video. A PowerPoint version has also been attached below. Complete the fluency, reasoning and problem solving – see resources below.


TopicLesson 1 – Explore!


Go outside and look for insects, animals and birds. Sketch anything you find, labelling characteristics and features, for example: key body parts, how do they move and how do they behave. You could observe any pets that you have also. Make a list of research questions that will help you to find out more about each specimen.


Lesson 2 - Research


Use a range of historical sources to answer the question, 'Who was Charles Darwin and why was he so important?' Discover where and when he was born, where he lived and what he studied. Find out how he came to be part of the scientific expedition on HMS Beagle and why it was so significant to his theory of evolution. Create a timeline to illustrate Darwin’s life up until his death on 19th April 1882.

Useful links:


Charles Darwin | The Collectors | Natural History Museum - YouTube

Darwin Online (darwin-online.org.uk)

Charles Darwin: Evolution and the story of our species - BBC Teach