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Monday 11th January 2021

Home Learning - 11th January 2021


Session 1 - Phonics

We are going to continue learning Phase 3 sounds which are all digraphs, two letters making one sound or a trigraph, three letters making one sound. Click here for Letters and Sounds video for digraph ch.


Session 2 – English

After reading the book Owl Babies last week we are going to be learning facts about owls this week. Can you find out about different types or species of owls?

These links will help with your research. Can you find at least four different species?


Owl Facts for Kids | Cool Kid Facts

Habitats - where do different owls live? - KS1 Science - BBC Bitesize


There is also an attachment for posters of different owls too.


Session 3 -  Maths - Position

For maths today we are learning to use position language. Can you find a small teddy, dinosaur, Lego figure or something else and a small box? Can we all put our teddy on the box, beside the box and under the box? How many of you can put your teddy in the box or out of the box? Can you even put your teddy next to the box? Can you say a sentence? “My teddy is in the box.”



Can you ask a question about where your teddy is?


Session 4- PE

Cosmic Yoga with Jamie - Fernando the Silver Fox

Click on the link  Fernando the Silver Fox | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube


Extra fun!

Funky Finger Challenge! How many things can you pick up with a peg? Can you pick up a piece of paper, an item of clothing, a pea, a slice of bread, a book, an apple from the stalk?

See the video on Tapestry.


Story time

Today’s story is Superworm by Julia Donaldson and read by Mrs Holmes