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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4.13

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Thursday 4th February 2021

Home Learning 4th February 2021


Session 1 – Phonics

We are going to continue learning Phase 3 sounds which are all digraphs, two letters making one sound or a trigraph, three letters making one sound. Click the link for Letters and Sounds video for segmenting and blending words with the digraph ‘oa’


Session 2 – English

Watch the video of Mrs Holmes reading more of the book Astro Girl.  Where do you think Astrid and her Dad are going? Where could her Mum be? Why is Astrid so excited? What has Astrid taken with her? They have gone to the air field. Astrid’s mum is an astronaut! How would you feel if your mum or dad was an astronaut? Are there good things about this? Are there not so good things about this? Talk about this with your grown up. Did you think the book would end like this?


Session 3 -  Maths - Adding more

Watch the video of Mrs Leigh adding together the spots on 2 dice. Once Mrs Leigh has added together the spots on the dice she can move her counter on a number track that many places.



Have a go at rolling 2 dice and see how many you have all together. Then use a number track and move you counter that many places on the number track.



Can you take it in turns with an adult? Who has the most all together? What do you notice about where the counter is for the person with the most?


Session 4- RE - Learning Question: What is a miracle?

Who has ever been to a wedding? A wedding is where two people promise to love each other in front of their family and friends. They sometimes exchange rings too. There is usually a meal and a party to celebrate the wedding. Watch the video of Mrs Holmes sharing photos of her wedding. Can you remember the special book that Christians learn about Jesus in The Bible. Today’s story is from the New Testament and is when Jesus performed a miracle. It is called The Wedding at Cana.


How do you think they felt when they had run out of wine? What did you think would happen when Jesus asked for the jugs to be filled with water? Why was everybody so shocked? So, Jesus’ friends couldn’t understand how the water became wine. This was the first time Jesus’ friends had seen a miracle.  This marked the beginning of Jesus’ teaching. Christians believe Jesus was able to do amazing things because he is God. Many Christians believe miracles can still happen.



Draw a picture of the miracle when Jesus turns the jugs of water to wine. Christian believe that this miracle shows how special Jesus is.


Session 5 - Letter Formation


Log on  www.letter-join.co.uk





Today we are practising easy words using the letters u, w and e. Once you log-in to letter-join please click the ‘easy words’. This will model how to write we, wet, wilt and lute and your child can practise.


Extra Fun - Dough Disco

Watch Dough Disco  The Rocket Ship and join in with the actions. Dough Disco | Rocket Ship - YouTube


Story time

Today’s story is read by Mrs Fox