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Friday 26th February 2021

Home learning Friday 26th February 2021


EnglishToday we are going to have a look at other important jobs in space travel that are not astronauts.  We would like you to do some research and write some interesting facts about these jobs. I used this website to find some information. Types of careers in the space sector - Canada.ca (asc-csa.gc.ca)


RIC: – Please complete the attached RIC questions


Reading:   Log in to Collins e-books and read on of the selected book. Try and have a go at the activity section.


Handwriting – Please log in to Letter-join and have a go at writing the capital letters for a (A), b (B), c (C), d (D) and e(E) Capital letter worksheet 1


Phonics: Please spend some time on phonics hero www.phonicshero.com. Watch Lesson 11 - le bubble - YouTube where we are learning a new grapheme for the phoneme ‘le’


Maths – WALT: compare length and heights

Today we are going to compare length and height. Watch the video Spr1.8.3 - Compare lengths and heights on Vimeo  and then do the worksheet.


Topic -  WALT: discover materials

Today we are going to use a lesson from the Oak Academy’s science team to find out about materials. You will discover how to be a scientist and find out about materials as well as some of the language to use when speaking about materials. What is a material? (thenational.academy